Modern Sporting Rifles, 6.5 Grendel, .50 Beowulf® & .223 Wylde

  • 0000 side charge upper receiver 9805

    Side charge upper receiver

  • 0001 side charge upper receiver 9803

    Side Charge Upper Receiver

  • 0002 Slick side upper receiver

    Slick side upper receiver

  • 0003 Left side charge upper receiver

    Left side charge upper receiver

  • 0004 Upper receiver 50 cal Odin HG

    Upper receiver 50 cal Odin HG

  • 0005 Upper receiver 6.5 Grendel with 16in barrel

    Upper receiver 6.5 Grendel with 16" barrel

  • 0006 Upper receiver 6.5 Grendel with 16in barrel

    Upper receiver 6.5 Grendel with 16" barrel

  • 0007 Upper receiver 6.5 Grendel with 16in barrel

    Upper receiver 6.5 Grendel with 16" barrel

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Upper Receivers

Performance Firearms Upper Receivers are manufactured to our specifications with American Made 7075 Billet Aluminum.

  • Specializing in Billet Left Side Charge, Right Eject Upper Receivers. This allows you to pull back the bolt carrier without using the conventional charging handle. You can stay in the ready position without having to move you head away to operate the charging handle. Keep your right hand on the grip where it belongs and use your left hand to operate the bolt carrier in a forward location. This feature works in conjunction with our exclusive PDQ™ Ambi-Bolt Lock and Release lower receiver.
  • Slick Side Billet upper receivers are utilized to save brass from being damaged by the brass deflector. Our Slick Side Upper Receivers do not use a forward assist or a dust cover door. Performance Firearms feels if you have a fail to feed, then you have an issue and the bullet should be cleared from the chamber. There is no need to compound the issue by forcing a bullet into the chamber with a forward assist.
  • Billet Upper Receivers with Forward Assist and Dust Cover are available for the shooter who is in harsh conditions where snow, ice, sand or mud might enter the bolt carrier area. These upper receivers also offer the forward assist in case you’re the user that wants that option.
  • Ambidextrous Upper receivers are available in side charge models only. The receiver will come with both a left and right handed bolt. The bolt carrier will work with either bolt and is just a quick change after removing the bolt carrier. The receiver will have two bolt knobs but can function with just the one depending on what hand they want to use. This allows the left handed or left eye dominate shooter to take advantage of modern day technology. Performance Firearms has worked very hard to accommodate the 33% of either left handed or left eye dominate shooters. With a pistol it is easy to accommodate but with a rifle, it’s another story. So PF offers left eject upper receivers to those that don’t want the brass ejecting toward there face and feel the comfort that the right handed shooter does.
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