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300 Blackout

Our 300 Blackout (BO) Pistols are custom built with 7" to 10" barrels. The 300-BO is designed around short barrels and being suppressed. A wide variety of subsonic and supersonic ammunition is available from many ammunition sources. Performance Firearms has taken all of the guess work out of it for you and every pistol has been test fired with 110gr and 150gr supersonic ammunition for reliable and correct cycling. 


We go to the next step in all of our 300-BO Pistols. They are all built with an adjustable gas block that allows the gas port to be closed and reduce the back pressure when shooting with a suppressor which allows the Bolt Carrier to cycle correctly. This means a shooter can shoot supersonic ammunition or use a suppressor with subsonic ammunition and not have to make any modifications to the rifle. NOTE: subsonic ammunition will not cycle the bolt carrier without a suppressor.



300 BO with SIG Brace in FDE
10" 300 BO Pistol with Odin Buffer Tube & SIG Brace    

330bo_custom_cerakote   Side Charge 300 BO 7" Barrel

Side Charged 300 Blackout with 7" Barrel and Suppressed (Customers Suppressor). Customer requested Cerakote finish to the Billet Receiver Set, JP Silent Capture, Gessille Trigger, KNS Anti-Rotation Pins and SLR Adjustable Gas Block. Not much more to do except shoot the pistol, it cycles 220gr Remington Subsonic ammo perfectly. 

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